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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mustika Ratu Alas Bedak (Tasik Kamuning)

Hello semua. Semoga semuanya sihat walafiat hendakNya.
Sebelum tu maaflah sebab photo kat atas ni kabur sikit.. al-maklumlah kamera yang diguna tak secanggih mana pun..:)

Well, let's talk about this foundation (alas bedak) by mustika ratu that l just bought at mydin recently. Mustika Ratu is an Indonesian product and well known in most Asia country.

As you can see, the packaging is cute and small in size. It is fair though because it is only weigh 35ml with the price of RM4.50 only. This foundation is a yellow base type and its light to medium coverage however it is buildable up to your preferences.

Since its yellow base, I think it suits well with Asian skin tone. It only offers 3 shades of colour to suits your skin tone, light, medium and dark. We can also choose for oily skin type or dry/normal and combinations skin type. This foundation contains oxygen complex and derivate vitamin A,C,E liposomes.

It's a liquid base, very easy to apply on your face and it feels so smooth on your skin too. The promoter at the counter even told me that this product can be use alone without needing to apply loose powder or pressed powder. However it still depends on our skin condition.

With just RM4.50, why not?? It is worth to try. Mine was in kuning langsat 1 (dry/normal).

I'm not very fond of foundation and only used it occasionally. I prefer BB Cream or just compact or pressed powder after l apply moisturizer on my face.

If you are an outdoor person that expose to the sun most of the time, make sure you choose the right foundation for your face. Try to get the ones with  SPF so it can protect your skin.

DO NOT own this product. I DO NOT get paid to do this review. My review is only through my own experience and I USED my own money to buy this product.

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