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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hello, let just talk about this product.:)


Specially formulated for oily and blemish prone skin. An oil free lotion that moisturises while effectively lightens the skin without causing clogging and breakouts. Fortified with high technology active ingredients to transform oily/combination skin to clearer and fairer skin in 5 ways.

It contains:-

  • Acnemed and Tea Tree Oil
  • Oil absorbing active
  • Menthol
  • Grapefruit extra
  • UV Filter

  1. I love this moisturiser and that is why I repurchased it. 
  2. Price around RM10.90, if promotions you can get less 15 0r 20% with 75ml worth of product.  
  3. Its a lotion base, easy to apply on face, oil control lightening. shine control, lightens acne marks, refines pore and has UV protection.
  4. This product can also be use as a make up base/primer ( so true) .

So far this product work well for me. My face look flawless and don't easily get oily or shine. I also sometimes mix the product with foundation or BBCream for much more smoother and easy application. I  really hope it will work the same to others as well. I highly recommend this product. 

DO NOT own this product. I DO NOT get paid to do this review. My review is only through my own experience and I USED my own money to buy this product.

Please comment below or email me at if there is any query or request.

Thank You


  1. Hi Shima, may I know where to buy gervenne products in Petaling Jaya area? Thanks.

    1. Hello there. I believe, you can find gervenne products in most shopping mall in Malaysia. Even at local drugstores such as watsons and guardian. One thing I noticed, that its difficult to find all gervenne product at one place.I am not sure why though. Hopefully gervenne can come up with an idea on how to promote and market their product efficiently.

      Thank you.