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Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Cajole - Memujuk

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Hello, hope all is doing great out there. Recently, l bought a few items from Avon. It seems Avon are having promotions on some of their product :). Avon offered a good deal this time and that is why I took the chance to grab some of it.

I will put up a review on some of their product  and for a start, I will make a review on Avon extra lasting dual powder foundation. 

Extra lasting is one of Avon line of product that includes more of make up items such as extra lasting mascara, lipstick and eyeliner. So, this powder foundation is just one of them. This is also my first time buying one of extra lasting  product by Avon.

I actually am very fond of this type of powder/foundation that I often used on my face. Just because, it feels  very light and not heavy  at all.  Also it is easy to apply on and wipe or wash it off easily later on. 

Okay, for this extra lasting powder foundation, it has SPF15, weight 9gm and with the price of RM25.90 (after less). I can't recall how many shades they offer, but mine is in shade (shell). 

How to use :- As a foundation, sponge on dry or damp over day time moisturizer. As a powder, puff or brushes on dry over your favorite foundation. At times ,I just puff it dry with moisturizer under it and no foundation but it still look great on my skin. 

I love the casing design, which can easily fit in my purse. :). So, far I love it and whether it last more than 18 hours on the face, I'm not really sure, because never used that long hours. However, it  stays on my face more than 6 hours. Rest assured!! :)

Saya rasa produk ini sangat mudah dan menyenangkan kerana ianya bertindak 2 dalam 1 sebagai bedak asas dan alas bedak.   Apapun, ini adalah pendapat peribadi saya sahaja. Buatlah pilihan yang bijak okay!!!

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With Love

I DO NOT RECEIVE any money to do a review on this product. and I USED my own money to buy this product.

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