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Saturday, November 14, 2015



  1. promosi bufet lunch ni pula berlangsung setiap hari ahad waktu tengahari ja untuk dalam bulan november 2015 ni sahaja.. berbaki 2 ahad ja lagi kan..
  2. promosi beli satu pax untuk dewasa dan percuma satu pax untuk kanak-kanak bawah 12 tahun ( promosi ini sah hanya untuk bulan november 2015 sahaja)
  3. harga dewasa rm78nett
  4. kanak-kanak (6 - 12 tahun) rm39nett 
  5. tempoh bufet lunch ni bermula dari jam 12pm sampai 3pm
  6. selain promosi beli satu percuma satu..untuk bulan ni saja kanak-kanak yang makan bufet di sini boleh bermain secara percuma di adventure zone selama 1 jam (ada garis panduan yang perlu dipatuhi sewaktu bermain).. antaranya perlu memakai stokin dan memakai pakaian tangan panjang...bergantung pada jenis permainan
  7. pilihan makanan di sini lebih kepada makanan barat namun ada juga hidangan lain seperti nasi goreng yong chow.. bihun goreng..dim sum..serta kuih muih nyonya..
  8. antara menjadi pilihan kami ialah..seafood dengan 4 jenis pilihan sos.. puding rotinya yang sangat sedap..roasted rosemary chicken..beef stirloin..shepherds pie...
  9. ada banyak lagi pilihan lain untuk ada pilih..ikut la selera tekak masing-masing..kan :)
  10. for their desserts..its quite predictable for me..nothing surprises me that much on their desserts selection..but still some of them were delicious..bread puddings just to name one of tarts delicious as well..kuih nyonya selection was just okay for me though in terms of taste and variaties.. but yeah..surely there are other types of desserts to choose from such as agar agar..cakes..and lots more ..not to forget ice cream with all sorts of toppings to choose from..kid favourite of course....:)
  11. salad..pembuka selera..semua western..I just wish they could at least add asian style salad and appetizer as well on their buffet line..
  12. the services by the staff here at the cafe were excellent!! thanks to Mr. Sam and Zamri atas layanan yang baik buat kami sewaktu kami berbufet di sini..begitu juga buat staf yang lain and you know who you are.. :).. I love the fact that most staff here is local citizen..we feel safe, secure and warm with them around..very nice feeling!!
  13. ambience...very spacious..nice deco..very bright feeling thing that lm not happy about is during lunch time its a bit hot in the cafe..
  14. parking for disabled is only for disabled with driving licence..which lm not very happy about.. I'm a disabled bodied person with wheelchair as well..I don't own driving licence because my types of disabilities do not allow me to where is my right as an OKU that need space on my own and ease the burden of my care giver to go elsewhere and search for parking and with children management should be more flexible and sensible towards this matter.. I have been to other 5 stars hotel before but never encounter such problems with parking..very unpleasant!! 
  15. recommended having buffet lunch here..especially those with children under 12 years old..because of the promotion that is on during the month of november 2015 only..where kids can play for free about an hour at their adventure zone
  16. apart from that if you pay by credit card from selected bank will get another 20% of from total bill 
  17. for more info on their food promotions ..please click the link here or call them direct at 04-8811911
  18. While we were there..we managed to explore around the resorts and its very beautiful..they have great pools..the surroundings just fantastic..and the clean beach is just many activities offered at the beach..what a great place to have holidays with family and love ones..:)

..buffet spread..

..salads / appetizers..

 ..deep fried chicken..

 ..seafood chowder..
SO SO Delicious!!!

 ..roasted rosemary chicken..
so yummy!!


 ...more desserts... :)





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